Compiling with 3d Connexion support

(methinks) #1

Don’t know if this is quite the right place to post, but it was the closest I could find…

Does anybody know how to compile blender with support for the 3d Connexion Space Navigator? I have used the NDOF build in past, and it worked just fine, but now I need a custom build, and I would like to keep my space navigator support.

My understanding was that you needed both a special build, AS WELL AS the plugin to get the device to work. I have the plugin, but I can’t seem to find the patch for the actual blender code… or am I mistaken?
(In case it makes a difference, I’m trying to compile for Linux 32.)

While I’m at it, one more stupid question: Once the build is finished, where do I find the compiled program? It wasn’t in the bin or release directory like I thought it would be…