Does any one have a recent tut on how to compile Blender?

It depends on your os.
Linux (ubuntu) is really easy once you get the packages installed (It takes a while for me to find the right ones). look here.
Windows seems more difficult, but I haven’t finished my setup yet. look here.
macs… well… I know there is a tutorial somewhere near those two I posted.

thats my favourite on xp:

I run windows XP.

@ gaalgergely

Could I use minGW on XP?

This might sound dumb but what are the chances of messing up my computer?

ok it has been more then 24 hours since my last post on this topic(or any other for that matter) and I have been following Mpan3’s tut for compiling. I followed the tut exactly as it says(changed some flags in right up to “Compile!”. When I try and compile I get this in the console:

'scons' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

any help?

You must install scons.

odd I installed it once hmm…

EDIT: the latest one didn’t work I had to use .93 to compile. Anyone have any tuts for more customization?