complaints and rants of a angry teenager

:o ggrrrrrrr i cant do any work since my family has no money and we sold both our computers and now im working on my grandmas crppy coumputer that was bought 7 years ago. i cant make any good money (mowin lawns in the summer just doesent cut it) because im only 14. sigh… plus since were poor i cant buy any books… oh well :o

just had to get that off my chest feel free to post your complaints as well:D

Dude, I know, that sucks bad. I didn’t really get my own computer til recently and also until recently I couldn’t work. Now that I do I make decent money, but I have to save up for a car, so I’m still runnin a pretty shitty PC.

Selling computers seems a little off to me, the money you usually get doesn’t match the value you lose. I would do that to avoid starving, but you’re not in that position, are you?

Whose idea was selling them? Your parents’?

I strongly believe making money is possible for anyone really wanting to. I agree being 14 will make things a little harder. In which country do you live?

that is the earth and its law

the poor become poorer
and the
rich become richer

what should we do .

i know that you will not , but don’t use a bad way to have money


You know, you can be a paperboy and make money that way = ) Try looking for jobs that dont require you to be at least 16 (i know that narrows it down a lot but you gotta keep your head up) I hope things get better for you. Poverty sucks.

This was in todays comic strip of Hi and Lois, they have this quote and talked about the middle class getting squeezed harder and one character says he needs to get his blood pressure checked (it’s a comic what’d you expect)

Back to the topic, I had my own computer for more then a year now and it’s a 2.8 ghz machine. Mowing the lawn tends to be a good way of making money, but if you’re more serious you could get a part time job or sell Blender work (images, games) that you’ve made. I haven’t sold any Blender work but I have sold my work in another program before.

Mow the lawn and Weed the garden. People will pay big bucks for a Weedless garden.

weedmonkey13, KIt89 is right, mow a few lawns and in 3 months you got a new computer. Meantime get your Blender skills up.

Don’t worry Weedmonkey13 there’s always someone worse off than you. If you’re were old enough, take your pappi’s cognac, a cigar and go to your local cemetary, and after a few drinks you’ll soon realize you’re doing a lot better than everyone else there.:smiley:

And remember, that life of Brian song says, Always look on the bright side of life.

Yeah but right after saying that he sings. “Just before you draw your terminal breath… doo doo dooo doo…”:rolleyes:

Ozo is right there is always someone worser than you, but being poor has a few advantages you respect the value of money when you get it, unlike spoiled brats that always run to mummy & daddy to get them everything. So in the long turn its better.

our country has quite a lot of millionares who were born not-so-well off (I read that in a book), not having a lot of money teaches you how to manage it well, and when they get a job with even reasonable pay, they know how to live off less and save for later. According to the book, many of the people born rich get into poverty mere years after moving out of their parent’s house (if they do at all), because they spend like there’s no tomorrow.

I started working when I was 14. Coincidentally, it was because I wanted a new computer. I started off working at a farm, making $6.50 an hour. Granted, i was paid “under the table” back then, so i didn’t have to pay taxes, (also i was underage, so that helped. haha) but that still meant i had to work about 100 hours before i could buy my computer
…and then I remembered about shipping charges.
I’ve worked my way up to 8 bucks an hour (im 17 now), plus I mow a few lawnsAnd you know what? If I didn’t have to go ahead and buy a car and books and another computer, or play paintball (expensive sport…) I’d have saved enough from previous years and this year to pay my college tuition. Granted, I’m going to a community technical school, so it’s only about $3200, but still, that’s a lot of money.

And I don’t make enough per year right now to have to pay taxes :wink: I’d get it all back anyways…

im 14…i mow lawns…but i have a 16 yr old brother who drives…but we live close to the border so we have compitistion* lol

I don’t know. A lawnmowing, pimply teen with no money for rap or heavy metal records can’t be better off than a guy with eternal peaceful sleep. Besides even the cemetary caretaker (he mows the lawn) makes more money than you. Depressing. I would tell my own kids (early teens): Being a teenager really does suck and, believe me, being an adult sucks even more. But if you stick with what’s important (school, art, sport, etc. and work hard) you can at least hope to make more money than the cemetary caretaker. Eventually it’ll be your turn to sleep peacefully for eternity and that’ll be nice too…

Weedmonkey, I know somewhat how you feel. I desperately wanted to get a computer to run Blender myself - but I had a family to take care of too, and didn’t have many adequate job prospects. Here are some thoughts and ideas.

Channel your frustration into determination - set some goals and focus on the goal not the obstacles. Don’t give up, even if you have setbacks and feel discouraged.

When I’d get tired and want to quit, especially some hard physical task, my dad always used to tell me “get mad at it and conquor that thing!” Now, I don’t know when to quit. :rolleyes: But that’s a different problem.

It doesn’t help much, but if your family has at least enough to eat, then be thankful that you’re in the top half of the world!

If your goal is to get a better computer, then there’s all sorts of ways to do that. There’s always ways to earn money. Maybe not a lot at a time, but some is better than none - don’t be too proud to take a job. There’s always paper routes of one kind or another, grass, flyers & other deliveries, door-to-door selling isn’t so popular but depending on the neighbourhood, its possible. There’s catalog type sales as well that you can often take around, give to parents of friends, take to their work place, etc. We have “Regal Catalogues” here that I took around when I was a teenager. The goal is not to have a career, just earn some cash :slight_smile:

Speaking of work places, there’s often “old” computers at workplaces that get tossed out, either because they have some problem or because they’re just “old”. You don’t need bleeding edge to use Blender fortunately!
I got a laptop headed for the garbage that worked pretty much, I just had to buy a hard drive. The place I used to work was getting rid of some 500 Mhz computers and monitors - I was happy to help! I was running Blender on a 500Mhz for several years before then until mine blew - so I was happy to take a castoff again. Somebody I know works for a mover and he’s been given computers that people didn’t want to bother taking with them.

A computer shop might also be willing to let you get customer “trade ins” or other used equipment for a cheap price too, especially if you are friends with someone there. Find a shop that lets you hang around and ask them questions when they’re not busy. It can’t hurt and if they get to know you and what you want to do with your computer, maybe they’ll throw you a deal some time.

If you know or learn a lot about computers in general, you can earn some money too. One time a senior paid me to help set up his new computer and he also gave me his old one - it wasn’t much good, BUT he had a 17" monitor I was happy to get.

Its ok to get frustrated and even a bit angry but don’t let it sour your attitude. If you turn that frustration and anger into a positive attitude - that you will do something about your goal… then its actually easier to do something and achieve your goal. Getting mad and sitting there with a bad attitude is just called sulking (not that I’m accusing you of that) and will get you… nothing. Remember that you will need to involve other people to get a computer. People enjoy helping a determined, cheerful and helpful person - not the other kinds.

[mature audience warning]
Finally, there’s one other thing you can do, that many people do too. Its called prayer. I don’t know what beliefs you may have about “religion” but many (and I myself) believe that prayer may be answered in the way we desire, even for “small” things like this.
I am not interested in starting a pointless flame war, so if you (or anyone else) want to discuss this at all, use a PM please or it will be ignored. I will not answer any responses on religious subjects… FINAL ANSWER :smiley:

I know when i was young i ended up buying a bunch of crap i didn’t really need with the small amount of money i did happen to get, and actually managed to save little of it. UNTIL i got a hobby that i could do instead of spending money on crap. I didn’t do it specifically to stop spending money, but i started drawing seriously in around my Junior year in HS and i soon realized that i had nearly a couple grand in my bank account without even making an effort to save money. To me at least that was a pretty huge chunk of change. Find a cheap hobby.

And don’t get a girlfriend, they will take all your money and leave you with just enough to pay the dinner tab. :stuck_out_tongue:

And don’t get a girlfriend, they will take all your money and leave you with just enough to pay the dinner tab. :stuck_out_tongue:

ah the truth comes out… they take money even if they pay their way… i don’t know how it happens.

and they take time… lots of time… much better getting a hobby (its hard to have both, unless you set down the ground rules :stuck_out_tongue: )

The scary part is that there’s an ounce of truth in what you just wrote.

There’s also truth to what dgebel said … with or without prayer.

As the Billy Joel song said, you can “go to your grave an angry young man.” And your anger and your rage will get you … absolutely nowhere. (I, too, would prefer to go to someone else’s grave instead, and drink cognac, and just in case his ghost happens to show up I’ll bring two glasses.)

There have been times in my adulthood when I did not have anything but pinto beans to eat. And I did not let the grass grow under my feet while I did something about it. Not only did I not complain; I kept my mouth shut because I needed sympathy from no one. I once used charity, but I said that I was going to volunteer and that’s what I did. (And that one thing lead to “oh, you know computers?”) I still volunteer there, and I donate.

Determine what you can do … whatever you can do … that someone else could want to buy, because when anyone hires you to do anything at all, that’s what they are really doing. Then, start pounding that pavement and don’t stop. Like anyone with something to sell, you have to advertise it and you have to sell it. This also means that you must be creative in actively dreaming-up opportunities to sell it:

I do not mean to make light of the fact that your parents might be struggling to figure out how to pay for pinto beans, nor of your determination to help them. Rather, I seek to encourage you to realize that the world is exactly this way, through no fault of the world, nor of your parents, nor of you. Look within your reach, considering transportation and fuel-cost and everything else, for anything you can do … actually make a written list of them … then diligently and persistently pursue them all. Cutting grass? Sure. Bagging grocieries? You betcha. Building 3D animation renderings to help your local attorneys? Certainly possible… why not ask? (What’s the worst they can say? “No thanks.”)

Understand this also: many of the people you see driving around in those fancy cars and looking so “successful” … those very same people whom you may be so tempted to envy … may well be in debt up to their eyeballs and beyond. They borrowed from the future to pay for it forever. Meanwhile, many of the people whom I know who are now truly rich, also can recount stories of the many days that they ate beans. You, and your family, are not alone.

WOW im extreamely suprised how many people replied thanks and ive been takin your advise right now im workin with my dad doin hard labor (puts hairs on your chest or so i hear) by painting houses got 200 dollers in a month (10 dollers a day better then nothing) wich went into a savings account and now im looking for art contests to enter to hone my art skills aand take a crack shot at some money (its worst the playing the lottory with the skills i have) so im finding ways to make money

oh and i live WA state my (my mom in livin with my grandma in the rich part federal way and my dad livin in the getto in des moines) and the reason we sold was divvorce=1/2$$$$ simple mathamatics realy =)

Im glad i finnaly found this post again been wantin to reply becuase now that im in highschool things are lookin up (highschool its like prison with more security gaurds and cameras) yea so thanks yeall and hope life treaten you all well

Wow, good job for taking the initiative and working to get things done.