Complete 3d videos training...for free!

As my First message in this forum I’m happy to send you this interesting link :
It is a blog contaning a Complete 3d videos training…for free!. :cool:
Hope you will enjoy the courses.
Good luck :wink:

nice blog, good work.
are going to update that to 2.5?

Very nice! Keep advancing to 2.5 please :wink:

Mamdouh, please be informed that the videos on the site you linked to are under Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license. Which means that credit must be given to the author, which this site does not do.
The videos are originally from Neal Hirsig’s Tufts University course.

bat3a and McCyberfly, No they will not update to 2.5, because they didn’t create these videos. they are just using someone else’s content to drive people to their site.

p.s. please be careful on the internet kids.
p.p.s - i bet that Mamdouh will never post here again. this is spam. (sorry to have presumed.)

D’oh. I felt like I’ve already seen these tutorials before somewhere else. This is lame. :frowning:

Thank you for your replies :).
I’m the owner of this blog. I did not took the vidoes from Neal Hirsig’s Tufts University course. But from this link :
In the bottom of this website is written :

                                         <b>Copyright Notice</b>
  All material on this site may  be freely distributed without  restriction

And thus there is obligation for me to mention the author of the courses.

I took the videos and orgonises them in clear ans easy way to be more accessible.
I learned to share whatever is good, and love for others what I love for myself. I like blender and 3D in general and thus I share training courses of it. From another side, the more the training course in shared on the web, the more it will be easilly foundable.

Anyway I added a notice that show the origin of the courses in tne Top of the blog.
thank you for your remarks.

ok, I see. sorry to have presumed. Good Luck!