Complete 8- part series on how to model a Human Head in Blender 2.5

Hey guys! Here’s the result of my tutorial series on how to model a human head. Please subscribe if you like them :slight_smile:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Timelapse of the entire series:

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ok this isnt for build 2.58.0 is it? ive noticed some differences that have stopped me from being able to move forward. the subdivide right after going into edit mode, doesnt let me split the grey thing into 2 boxes and on the rotate and scale, it draws grey boxes on both faces, not just one. so im confused, are there any updated tutorials for making a face?

The videos should be fine for 2.58. If you have any questions about any aspects of the modelling you need to be specific, such as which parts and at what time in the video is the thing you do not understand.
Anyway, I would highly suggest that you start by learning the basics of using blender first so you will then be comfortable and can follow the tutorials and can understand what and why actions are being done. I know you may want to get on with more complex modelling but you must get the grasps of the basics and how blender handles meshes and objects. There is a lot of basic infomation in the wiki on the site.

When mirroring he gets smooth plates. when i try to extrude i get boxes my first few moves are identical. I have the clipping on im in edit mode but no matter what i do i eventually start getting odd shapes. what are you clicking? if i try to just grab vertices i get lines not plates, if i select all i start getting boxes or oblong shapes i cant keep extruding because i get the same please help.t he has this === bordering his loops by first few plates across the nose look like that when i move down i have this \ but my next move always ends up trying to box or ad depth instead of being smooth.

Here is my try. Ear missing

i need help on getting my reference images exact, they are slight off making it impossible to get my eyes looped correctly, i also started out following all of daves tuts and he’s great but when ever i got to below the nose area things were off and i think this method would help me alot. can anyone give me some tips on getting both images aligned like above? i tried and tried and im just not getting it… (center of nose in frontal and mid of side) but its off a little bit, any other areas i could use as good reference points or something else easier for setting up for this method??

Edit: using 2.49b

Hi Profemi. A much easier reference point is the middle of the mouth where the lips meet. The problem with the nose is that its rounded so its hard to get it lined up perfectly. also, points like the bottom of the ear are easy reference points. Be sure to keep tweaking the x and y values… sometimes you have to type in a number. just keep guessing and you’ll get it

Wow thnks for the reply man, wasn’t expecting a reply from you, so thats really cool and ill keep at it. i have been tweaking the axis but it seems my pics are two different sizes although i set both to 5 my side view is a tad bit bigger than the frontal and im using the same pic you used O.o

haha if you’re using the same one then just use my settings xD i lined them up perfectly. You have to adjust the scale a little bit. don’t ask how, i just fiddled around with it until i get them lined up correctly.

also if you use the grease pencil tool and paint on two dots in front view, then line them up in side view, thats how I did it. you need to use 2 points so the scale is right. I recommend the mouth and the bottom of the ear

could it be different even a little if im using 2.49b? i would use the version you did but i learned on that version following daves tuts and got so use to it LoL

nooooo!!! don’t use 2.49! I don’t get how you can follow them in 2.49 :confused: 2.5 is BETTER! give it up and learn 2.5 like the rest of us lol

i LoL’d so hard from your last post but ok will do. thanks again