Complete a Quick Blender Animation and Render

I’m in dire need of help to finish this project. I know this was posted a few times but I need this project done before the end of the week. I really would appreciate anyone who could lend out a helping hand…

I’m trying to follow this tutorial but I keep running into too many issues with Blender.

I’m trying to create a Blender scene where an asteroid (comes from the right side of the screen) and quickly destroys the Earth. This tutorial has most of what I need… An earth model, background, and the perfect animation.

I just need someone to follow this tutorial and tweak it a little bit to create this animation where the Earth’s explosion looks natural/smooth based on the direction/impact of the asteroid. Then have the scene rendered.

That’s it.

As for payment let me know how much but I really cannot offer a lot since the Earth model and background are already provided. Also, I wouldn’t mind if you download and use a pre-made asteroid model (of equal detail and quality to the Earth and the scene) from a site like Blendswap, CGtraders, etc… Plus, you won’t have to entirely start from scratch since the tutorial shows you how to animate the Earth’s explosion.

If you’re interested let me know so we can talk more in detail! If you plan on sending PMs please add an email and a portfolio.

Issues I had with this tutorial that you may run into:
The problem I’m having starts at 3:02 where you use the Add Active feature. When I hover the mouse towards Rigid Body the options for Calculate Mass is already disabled. I’m not sure why this is… I just tried to find a solution around this issue.

Then at 3:30 when I try to Connect the meshes (via Rigid Body) to create constraints for the shards I receive some kind of error Python: Traceback (most recent call last):

I’m assuming that my default settings do not match with CG Geek’s or they must’ve skipped a few steps in between.

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