Complete Blender Game Art Tutorial. Create game art with zero prior Blender experienc

I’ve been working on a Blender tutorial for some time now. The tutorial is finally completed and came in at 21 parts in length! In my previous posting on reddit, I had just finished the texturing portion.

Now the following sections have been added:

Simple Keyframe Animation

The Blender Camera

Blender Lighting


Appendix A: Adding detail to a low polygon model

Since I am finally done I also put together a Table of Contents for the entire series, all 21 parts. Each part links to the next part and each assumes you’ve read all the previous parts. Hmmm… is this still a tutorial at this point, or officially a book?

TL;DR I’ve created a 21 part text based tutorial series that will take you from absolutely zero experience with Blender, to being able to create textured 3D models or rendered sprites for your game. You can read it here.

Hope you enjoy it. … now onto LibGDX tutorials. :slight_smile:

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