Complete free video couse for blender

Hi Folks,
I havent posted for ages, been busy with other stuff. I have uploaded all the videos that were in a commercial training DVD I produced a while ago. Still relevant, takes a beginner all the way from zero to a simple character animation.
I have started a blog which is a mix of all my artistic endeavours. This post lists all the videos in sequence for convenience. They are hosted on youtue under the name Roytheartist.


sire, hats off! :slight_smile:
i`ve just looked into a few videos and i think im gona bookmark your blog for laters. very nicely done, thank you for sharing!
by the way, i think the “shark attack” joke is pretty much spot on (just some healthy blender teasing) :smiley:

Bookmarked here as well!! Thank you for organizing this - it will definitely aid quite a few beginners to see this.


Feed added to Planet Blender!


Your 3rd link is broken.

Thank you for the work you’ve done. Must’ve taken some time. I’ll pass the link to my friend who’s interested in learning 3d / Blender.

Thanks for the kind comments,
Carric, thanks I have fixed the link that was broken.


Thanks it’s working now. I think this is a good series. Any more coming?

Thank you for sharing these. I’m sure they will be very helpful.