Complete Newbie looking for guidance on a personal project

Iv decided to set off on a new and I admit somewhat unreasonable project for someone of my skill level in animation and Vfx work. My end goal is to successfully create and animate an original creature into live action short film. Something godzilla-esk, a huge creature appearing from a portal in the middle of a city viewed from the perspective of someone atop the roof of a building. i know that i am surly way over my head but it is something that iv wanted to do for years but have no idea how to accomplish and just decided to at least try. After looking into it i know that i will have to learn a lot of things and have broke the project up into smaller goals to hopefully be able to someday record the short film i would like to do.
this is my current projected to do list:

  • concept for an original monster (done)
  • model in blender
  • learn to rig and animate
  • learn to ad texture and hair
  • learn to light
  • learn to composite into video

When written out like this the step are seemingly “simple” but i know that each step is extremely complex and that is why i am here. the massive amounts difference tutorials on the same basic principals are quite frustrating to sit through especially when i want to know how to do something specific and have no idea how to even look for a tutorial on it.

I was hoping that through this site i could find guidance since i hardly even know where to start.
I will attach a picture of what i imagine the monster would look like
Note: the monster is covered in fur and the eyes and mouth are supposed to glow it also has fragments of its head ornament floating around it.

looking forward to talking to anyone who can help me through this journey here is a drawing of the monster