Complete newbie...need some help with Juicy Blender tutorial

I’m just starting out in the world of blender, and my first tutorial is the Juicy Blender tutorial.

This is what the tutorial writes…

Box select the Top of the handle Bkey and scale Skey
and move them into the top cylinder so they look like this:

Now select the vertices at the top of the handle Bkey
and scale them down Skey and move them up into
the cylinder. Select all of the Vertices AKey and
in the EditButtons area and press the Rem Doubles button.

Here’s my question… how do I get from the first picture to the second one? When I box the vertices at the top of the handle, and press the ‘S’ key, I can’t pull it up, I can only make it wider or narrower.

Am I reading it wrong?

BTW, I’m using v2.8a.

Make sure your cursor is at the center of the hammer’s head, like in the screenshots. And press the Dotkey (.). This makes scaling relative to the cursor. Periodkey (,) makes it relative to the center of the selection.


Thanks for the help Martin! :smiley:

There is a typo in the tutorial. See correction below.

actually, I don’t think it’s a typo. Given the position of the cursor and the final position of the vertice, I’m pretty sure the author just forgot to mention the scaling mode. Doing it with grab would mean grabbing and then scaling. That would mean one additional step, and considering Juicy Blender is pretty much newbie oriented, with one pic per step, I don’t think that this was the original intention.

anyway, both works, of course.


Thanks for the tips guys! This newbie really appreciates them. :wink:

How do we scale in one direction?

If I have a sphere and I just want to flatten it’s sides a little, or make it ellipsoid how do I do that without individually selecting points and moving them.

Hit the S key, and then, with the S key pressed, click the left mouse button. Now with Both the S key and the LMB pressed, move the mouse pointer in the direction you want to scale the object in. You will see the object sort of jiggle when you do this, but it should stay the same size. Now do the same thing, but with the alt key. If it doesn’t scale right the first time, keep the Alt key pressed, but reclick the LMB. Pulling in the direction you want to scale in of course. It’s a bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it works really well. I’ve been using it all morning to make lego shaped blocks out of cubes. -sigh- %|

Blender uses what are called Gestures. If you left drag it will Grab. Left drag and move mouse up and down it will scale. Left drag left and right will rotate. The same kind of thing extends to the MMB. If you hit S to scale then MMB it will scale in the direction of the gesture.