Complete Newbie

I am familiar with The Gimp and have installed it along with many plug-ins and it operates fine. I wanted to experiment with blender and installed 2.49 this morning using the windows intstaller. I also installed python 2.6.

I get the message “Checking for installed Python…got it” in the black box.

I have tried all day to open or import a jpg file with no luck.

I get error messages, “unknown file type or error, check console” and, “file is not a blender file” when trying to open the file and “invalid or empty file” when trying to import the file.

I was under the impression that I would not need additional scripts for jpg files in blender and have not downloaded any scripts today.

I suspect that I may still have some tweeking to do to the installation.

I am not familiar with any progaming languages and just barely get along on the computer most of the time, finding what I need on the various forums.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.


There are different ways of opening images, depending on what you’re trying to do. Are you trying to apply it as a texture to an object, view it as an image, load it as a background to trace over, etc?

I was basically just trying to open any graphic or photo file in the program to test the install. I would like to view an image and eventually load it as a background to trace over.

If you want to place it in the background of the viewport.
In the header, theirs a menu called view, click it, go to background image.
You can press load in the popup that appears.
The other settings scale it, move it along the x/y axis and change opacity.
Play around with it.
Hope i explained well enough, good luck.

Thanks cire 792 and rawpigeon for your reply. I tried the load as a background image and that worked fine. Playing around with the settings now.

Also looking at the animations tutorials to see if any of the gif animations I made in gimp are of any use in blender. Have some that I would love to do in 3d.

Thanks again for your help

Scroll down to the image

And it says some stuff about what you want to do. As far as doing gifs - I’m not 100% if it auto-refreshes them but I’m guessing for now that it does.

Thanks nicktechyguy. Took me a while but I finally found the image box under textures. I think it will work for what I have in mind.