complete NOOB to the world of blender. NEED HELP

Hello guys,
I am 16 and i want to learn 3D designing with blender. Such as, Creating prototypes, characters, weapons etc. I have ideas and courage to do much more than what I think, but lack confidence as i am not good with drawing and stuff, but i know i can do it. What i need is advice and tips and tricks to get hands-on blender. I had started with blender a long ago, but lack of confidence made me leave that, but now i am again back with same courage and hope from this community experts. Please help me out.

I want to get into game developing, and what is needed is the some help and tips to create character, I am really scared as i am not good at creating characters, but still I want to create them, because whatever they might look like but they will be mine. So I know that this would take a lot of my time to create characters and other stuffs fortunately i am ready to give my time.

Please help me out find some way to create finished and good looking characters and prototypes.

thanks in advance.

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Stop being scared of doing CG. Blender is not a wood chipper or deadly poison or anything. It’s a computer program. And a free one at that. The worst thing that can happen is you aren’t able to make anything worth showing anyone. Got something in mind you want to build? (start simple, you mentioned game weapons? How about a simple knife?).

Ok, open Blender and start building it. Inevitably you will get stuck at some point, but now you have a specific production issue. Those are easy to solve via google (at least when you are new anyway…). For example, maybe you got the blade built, but want it to curve and don’t know how to do that? Googling “curve blade blender” should return what you are looking for.

Blender Cookie and this forum both have some pretty good resources for finding the basics. You could even grab a book or tutorial for any 3D package (or no package in particular) as the very basics (what things like objects, meshes, materials, transforms, lighting, etc are) are all pretty much the same no matter what app you use.

Thanks a lot bro. Atleast I have got a point to start drawing a line, thanks bro for showing me the directions…

Well you say you have the most important resource and thats time to give to your dreams and that’s exactly what it will take. Now take advantage of the Web. With CG Cookie and CTRL.Paint as websites to start with you already have a leg up in this fight. There are so many good web sites and tutorials online that I cant start listing them. Also check the traditional 2d art forum here. People are posting art and getting critiqued fearlessly.

A story I always liked to tell my students was about the Gemini space program. Each mission had a main goal, and several minor ones. Well on one of the earliest Gemini mission the major goal, was to get out of the capsule and tighten a bolt on the back of the craft. Seriously, that was the goal. Because if they could not do that, then they could not go to the moon.

Anyway, the astronaut could not do it. He tried for almost an hour, and could not tighten a bolt on the back of the craft. Major goal failed.

The very next flight they tried again. The astronaut got out, worked his way to the back of the craft and tightened the bolt. It took him less than 5 minutes. The difference was that the first astronaut was a Air force Pilot, the second a Navy diver. The diver was used to weightlessness and how to work in it. The pilot wasn’t. As a side note, the entire underwater training facility at NASA was developed because of this bolt goal.

Anyway to make a long story short…

To achieve what you say you want in you r post, take the time to do the baby steps and learn incrementally. There are a lot of great tutorials out there. And the people here are awesome for any questions. The learning curve for Blender is HUGE, bu it is also obtainable if you want it.

Have fun!

Thanks guys, thanks a lot for your help. Now i think i can start with the things fearlessly.