complete rotation around an axis

Hi, I have a little stupid question.
I am trying to rotate an object around an axis with a constant speed. I’ve looked over some
tutorials and I can rotate the object the only problem being that when the animation loops the object “jumps”.
Does anyone have an idea of how could I rotate my object so that the rotation is 360 degrees, at the last frame?

Have a look at IPO curves…

What I’d do is keyframe it rotationg 90 degrees, open the IPO panel, and set the curve to costantly extraperlat in the extraperlation section. This means before and after the key-frame animated section the object moves at the velosity at the bigining or end of the animation.

There’s a few things that could be causing the “jump”.

  1. If you mean that it slows down and speeds up at the loop point, then you need to change the IPO curve’s interpolation mode to Linear. (the link from yogyog is good)

  2. If the speed is constant but at the loop point it stops for 1 frame, than your start and end frame are the same.

  3. If the speed is constant but at the loop point it hasn’t rotated the full 360 and has to skip part of the rotation than your end frame isn’t far enough.

Both 2 and 3 have the same solution. On your start frame, key your rotation to 0. On the frame ‘after’ your end frame, key your rotation to 360.