Complete stranger attacks me through my wife!

This was so funny that I had to post it. I thought that this community would enjoy it since you are all pretty technical.

My wife went for a walk the other night through the neighborhood. There is this one house that she likes and was suprised to see a “For Sale” sign in the yard. There was also a guy tending to the yard. He looked to be in his mid 30’s (the age of my wife and I.)

As she walked by, he asked “Do you want to buy a house?” Wife stated that she liked the house but that we weren’t in the market. He starts to explain that the house was state of the art with network connections in all the rooms. My wife replied that we were going to do the same and that I was starting to work on it. Then it got weird.

He stated “Why don’t you let me do it? Your husband will take 80 hours to do a poor job when I can get it done in 2.” My wife replied that I am more than capable to handle it and it won’t take 80 hours.

He replied “Yeah…well I work with computers for a living.” My wife informed him that computers were my passion and that I had been working on and building computer since 8086’s. (Man my wife is awesome to remember these details.) She then stated that I was at home compiling Linux (gentoo).

He replied “Linux…that’s garbage. Dell tries to send me disks with Linux on them and I just throw them away.” My wife replied, “Well…my husband started working with Blender years and years ago…and now he’s proficient. I’m sure that he will be with Linux also. Besides, we also are running Windows XP and Vista.”

“I have a masters degree in Computers.” Wife: “He has a masters in Polymer Chemistry” (Slight distortion - 2 classes from finishing) “He knows computers in and out. He fixes computers for friends and family all the time.”

“Yeah…I know your husband’s type. Then they all bring their broken PC’s in to me so that they can be fixed correctly.” Wife: “No…they don’t come back. They stay fixed.”

Some how in the conversation, he mentioned going for a walk to the dog park in an attempt pick up girls. He continued attacking me through my wife and then my wife slammed him with this one.

“Look…it comes down to this…my husband is at home compiling Linux. He’s married and has 4 children with one on the way.” and then she finished. “You have a dog.”

Awesome one wife! All the times that I dripple on and on about tech stuff and she retains enough of it to put up a fight.

I have no idea why this guy felt that he’d gain something by attacking me through my wife. Did he think that she’d run off with him since he was better than me?

Anyhoo…I just thought that it was a funny story and wanted to share.

ROFL!!:smiley: “Linux… That’s garbage.”

yeah well my dad can beat up your dad


“and you have a dog.” Priceless! Treat that woman right, PhilBo, you don’t want to lose her.

“Look…it comes down to this…my husband is at home compiling Linux. He’s married and has 4 children with one on the way.” and then she finished. “You have a dog.”

Your wife is cool. Well done there, sir!

All the good wives are taken, I swear.

Dude… once I’m old enough, I want a wife like that. Be careful around the creepy neighbor.

My wife is totally awesome. She’s my hero on earth. She was my room mates girlfriend in college. He treated her aweful. I told her to break up with him. She did and I never saw her again. My sneaky tactics failed! I didn’t even know her last name.

She called later in the year to wish me Merry Christmas. We met for dinner and all went well. Been married for 11 years now.

“Linux…that’s garbage. Dell tries to send me disks with Linux on them and I just throw them away.”

Reward your wife by being a the lady killer. :slight_smile:

*Single tear rolls down cheek

Aww, beautiful lovestory and funny situation - I guess you don’t want to entertain us but make us all jealous, huh?

…especially since there are almost only guys here, hm? Or at least, a lot more than girls…:wink:

wow, i want a wife like that!!!
any woman who remembers what you say when ya talk about computers, is amazing!
my present girl friend, thought that a virus was when you literally have bugs in the computer chewing on it…:rolleyes: (im serious)


What a great story. I love your wife’s final retort. You ought to take her out to dinner specifically for the occasion.

Kind of reminds me of the recent digg story where the idiot was saying that OSes were very complex, and that therefore Linux simply had to rely on windows, because obviously an OS was too complex a thing to be open-source. Maybe they were even the same guy, who knows?

It’s nice to know there are women around who respect computers as a hobby and interest.

PS-- you should try DDoS’ing your neighbor :slight_smile:

ROTFL. That dude is crazy.

“You have a dog.”

OWNED!!! and congrats on having a cool wife

Well, shows how much he knows.

Awesome wife, indeed!

Congrats on the 5th child, by the way.

Compiling Linux: completely free.

High speed wireless in every room: $169.

Having your wife pwn the weird ego-centric neighbor: priceless.

dude, that is the best

Well if a wife wasnt “taken” wouldnt she just be a woman.