Completed Branding

Just finished the last haul of my corporate identity project. I decided to do some presentation renders.

I have so far only done the business card. I plan on doing a letter head tomorrow and hopefully some stationary.

It took me about fourty minutes to get everything looking dandy. The card material is made up of three texture maps. Probably took about eight test renders before everything was perfectly setup.

I used hdri for lighting also used a photo as a texture map for the floor. Also made a displacement for the tiles on the floor.

Constructive critism is welcome

looks nice. there’s nothing I can really critisize. did you make that blur in blender? Or is it just me? I like it alot.

The blur was Blender DOF.

Thanks for your reply.

The company logo looks a little like Porshe logo. :slight_smile:

Yeah it does look like alot of card badges. It was just the type of style I was aiming for. The logo represents, “over thirty years of unsurapassed knowledge and quality”. See if you can work itout.

Just thought I would supply the logo.


HDRI for two planes?? Kinda redundant, don’t you think? :smiley:
Well, nice and smooth look, else. You could have given it more contrast IMHO.

It ain’t two planes. Its a cube with sub divisions lol.

The aim was realism, so I don’t think HDRI was an over kill, it helped alot with the realism. It took about 7 minutes to render with 7 aa samples and 7 aa passes. It doesn’t look entirely realistic but it is the best I could do.

Yeah the whole project was pretty much about composition. It took me a while to find suitable flooring that would enhance the mood etc and a little time to set everything up properly.

Thanks for your reply