[Completed] - Secret Deer 3.1 (Make a Splash in Amsterdam)

I’m really enjoying watching the progress on this, it’s a fascinating idea and I really like your artistic style :slight_smile:

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@raidin @josephhansen thank you very much :blush:

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This is looking so good!!! Have you played with the 3.3 hair yet, in regards to the wispy tendrils? I messed around with it yesterday and now that it’s got Geometry Nodes support, a savvy noodler can make alpha hair card tendrils pretty quick. Make sure to get it on Sketchfab by Thursday, September 15, and tag it #bcon22challenge

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last straight line, I baked my scene yesterday, but I’m going to have some touch-ups to do, I have black lines on several maps…

in the end I managed to remove the black lines, with the blur tool of the texture paint

By any chance, did you have denoising on when baking? I think it’s what causes it!

Yes ! I will try with no denoising, hope it will work

I will add some animation in my project. The tail will move, the brambles, a little iddle on the fox. Some tree leaf.

I use bones and an automatic weight with ctrl+P



Hey! Just a quick reminder that there’s now less than 12 ours remaining to wrap up your challenge entry - submissions close at 2022-09-15T21:59:00Z, GMT+1 (click on the link for some international times).

If you haven’t done so already, please review this post which contains some essential information for preparing your submission.

At the very least, upload your work to Sketchfab as soon as possible and add the #bcon22challenge tag.

It’s also a good idea to add a link to your WIP topic in the description of your Sketchfab model so we can easily find it.

I’ll also keep a close eye on the FAQ topic today, so if you have any issues or questions please post it there as soon as possible.

Good luck!

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yes i will do it as soon as possible :cold_sweat:

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For the background I drew other bushes to have a little atmosphere. And planes with trees. As I don’t have a sketchfab pro account, I had to “cheat” to import my own hdri. I created a sphere with the normals inverted, so that it is always visible, without hiding the scene. She has a small emissive shader with my texture, and voila!

The “hdri” texture


Here is the final post,
It was really a challenge for me! I was able to discover many tools. I had never baked directly on Blender, I usually work on Substance. I’m not going to lie, it was laborious and especially long, but the result is cool! As well as for the sculpt of the tree and the rocks. It was really not easy. I really got out of my comfort zone, I’m not used to doing assets in a stylized style, but also for textures, where I painted a lot.
I was really stressed about the bridge with Sketchfab, I purposely worked all along with eevee to have a real time result.
And I’m really amazed and happy with the ease of exporting to sketchfab. It’s really great that it includes the .blend file

I realize that I could have been much more generous with the number of polygons. I was really worried that it would run slow :sweat_smile:. But no ! Good to know for next time! :smirk:

I would like to congratulate all the participants for their wonderful work :). It’s really great to be able to see everyone’s creative process.


Thank you ! yes I saw this amazing new option! No I haven’t tested yet but I can’t wait to test the nodes :slight_smile:


In love with the atmosphere of your scene!


Thank you very much :blush:

Awesome work so far congrats and may you have success in that probably you can win the contest :sunglasses::blush::heart:


Thank you for this nice comment :two_hearts:, there are really incredible creations, I’m not sure to be on the podium :sweat_smile:

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I love it! feels straight out of hollow knight


Oh thank you :slight_smile:

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Great work :ok_hand:
Enjoy Amsterdam :wink:


Oh Thank you very much :blush: