[COMPLETED] -Tears of Steel | Make a splash in Amsterdam

Final Cover:

Hi fellow blenderites 👋This is just to announce that I will be starting to work on my entry for '*Splash in Amsterdam contest*' from today onwards.

Splash screen chosen: TEARS OF STEEL

                      Making of  "Friendship of Steel"

So if you have watched Tears of Steel , you will know who these two are :slight_smile:

The movie version :

Basically they are a couple but the boy’s passion for space makes him leave her on earth and in turn she gets really mad and becomes evil and tries to destroy humanity using robots (Yikes!! Talk about a bad breakup ). Later on, the boy is back on a post apocalyptic Earth and much older and with some his “friends” , he tries to makeup for what he has done by trying to alter her memory of his breakup with her.

My version:
They have their breakup and he does leave earth leaving her alone. She becomes very mad and full of rage as well. Now here’s where I added some more plot to the backstory not shown in the film. There is an Artificial intelligence hiding in plain sight on the internet for a long time who wants to destroy mankind but is waiting for a perfect opportunity to do so.

Since Celia(the girl) has a cybernetic arm, the AI can sense her and notices her rage and then takes this opportunity to manipulate her and directs her already vengeful thoughts from her Ex boyfriend to all of humanity. And thus , she becames the puppet of the AI and later on uses Quadbots to take over the world. No nation was able to stop them!

But there is a girl who was able to somehow befriend a quabot and make it her partner. She carries a pendrive which carries sort of an antivrus to kill the AI.

And now here’s the twist:
That girl’s name is Celsia and she is the daughter of Celia , the very woman who is now under full control of the AI. So basically, Celsia is humanity’s last hope !

And so that is my idea which I have tried to make into a 3d Art of a little moment of both Celsia and her Blue Quadbot resting in a forest before moving on to the bad quadbot infested city ahead.

My breakdown and many iterations before coming with the final product: :screwdriver:

Thumbnail of current progress 1:

Thumbnail of current progress 2:

Thumbnail of current progress 3:

Thumbnail of current progress 4:

Thumbnail of current progress 5: Scene Planning

Thumbnail of current progress 6:

Thumbnail of current progress 7:

Thumbnail of current progress 8:


Hey! As we’re entering the final days of the challenge, I’d like to give you some helpful tips to make sure you can successfully complete your entry. Please see my new post on the FAQ topic.

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Update: Made my main character, Celsia

I have yet to make the rest of the robot and the background and texturing of everything as well!

Added some more parts to the robot and the head!
Now will finish the rest of the Quadbot’s body

A bit of Experiment with lighting before i make the rest of the quadbot

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WIP update: making a pendrive locket which Celsia will carry on her neck .

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Wip update: Finished the locket pendrive.

Managed to hand paint the textures somehow in blender !

WIP update: Tried some lighting tests .


WIP Update: Added the rest of the quadbot’s body!

scene planning beforehand:

will make the hologram projector now:

Too tired now, Will continue tomorrow morning

Todo for 14 Sept:

  • complete modelling the environment .
  • texture the holo projector
  • complete robot and girl texturing.
  • upload to sketchfab for test
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The dappled light looks great! These two remind me of Sintel and Scales :sob:

Make sure to get it on Sketchfab by Thursday, September 15, and tag it #bcon22challenge

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Thank you and yes you are so right! It does reminds me of them :smiling_face_with_tear:

Made the hologram projector:

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Holoprojector by craylixart on Sketchfab

Added the holoprojector to Celsia’s hand - - Changed the lighting a little bit as well.

The next step would be to make Celsia’s family picture which will be seen on the holoprojector.
But since its painting , I will make it after doing all the modelling of the forest!
Also I need to hand paint some textures for Celsia and For the Quadbot as well!


  • Model the forest and ground
  • Texture the ground and forest
  • UV unwrap Celsia and the Quadbot
  • Paint textures on Celsia and Quadbot
  • Draw Celsia’s family portrait and import as plane with emission material on the holoprojector.

Update: Preparing the vegetations 3d models!

Update: Did a cycles render after adding trees and grass (will add more variations now)