Completed tutorials in Finished Works.

Wondering if it’s a good thing to allow people to post works that are the result of tutorials in the Finished Projects section. There are a few reasons why this might not be the case.

While ‘Art’ is loosely descriptive, it seems to me that completing a tutorial with slight modifications or variance does not produce Art. It certainly won’t produce anything for the gallery. The poster doesn’t exhibit personal growth, merely the ability to follow a set of instructions. It’s a digital equivalent of the paint-by-numbers syndrome.

I’m positively aware that the above statement can sound condescending, but there is some science behind why we as a community might want to be less encouraging of that kind of posts in Finished Projects. Watch ‘Keep your goals to yourself’

The topic of 3D is vast, the years required to specialize are numerous and personal growth comes only through research, being critical of your own work and learning more about the vocabulary used to discuss specific topics. It seems that those posts at most should be in focused critique, but it’s a little weird to see them rub shoulders with other members who are doing their ‘own’ thing and asking for critique.

Critiquing the result of a tutorial without knowing the tutorial is a little bit weird, who are you critiquing the tutorial or the follower? The subject of the conversation becomes more a support issue. It’s also difficult to congratulate on results if it does look good.

Maybe I am a closeted fascist… i should go to that meeting.