Completing a "half-tube"

I am quite new to Blender but I did RTFM and did not find any solution to my problem…

I am trying to modelize a wind (Neilpryde’s V8 (the best ever made by man !)) and managed to get the right outline thanks to a bezier curve to which I gave thickness (with 3D options) and then converted to a mesh but there is only half of the mast, and as it is in no particular plane, I couldn’t obtain the other part with mirroring it or spinning it.

Here are two pictures which are a bit clearer, I think :

Thanks in advance !

I can’t really tell what is going on in either picture, but try using BevOb and then converting.

Instead of using the Ext Resolutions draw your curve, shape it and Tab into object mode. Add another bezier Circle and shape it to the cross-section of the tube shape you want. Go back into object mode and select the (first) curve and type the name of the circle (CurveCircle) into the “BevOb” field (Case sensitive) and hit Enter. This will convert the Curve into a tube with the diameter and resolution of the CurveCircle.


A thousand thanks to both of you !!