Completly lost track of my objects


I’ve been using blender for a week now, and i’ve made a pretty nice scene.
But today i did somthing and i just completly lost track of my objects, i can’t find them anymore in the viewport.
Please help i can almost cry!

Thanks in advance,


om top header look if you are still in the proper scene may be
also look on the top right in the outliner
do you see anything ?

did you do any backup of you file?

happy blendering

Try pressing the number pad “period” When ever I lose everything that usually brings it back.

Change one of your non-3D viewport windows to Outliner. Do you see it in the list? Make sure it is not hidden, the eyeball will be closed in the Outliner if it is. Move your mouse into the 3D viewport and press the tilda ‘~’ key. This will select all layers, perhaps it was moved to a non-visible layer. Also, if you have the name selected in the Outliner move your mouse into the 3D viewport and press the num-pad period key. This will cause the 3D viewport to auto-locate your object and center it ion the screen. Also try the Home key as well.

I’ve fixed it but thanks for the replies guys!