Completly remove animation data block from material


somehow this is a question about the interface, about materials, and about animation, but I think the first one fits best, so I post here.

If you keyframe a material property, and later remove all keyframes, the action is deleted from the material automatically, but there is still an animation data block assigned. This is a bit confusing if you look at the NLA editor which will show “<No Action>” forever for this material (see blend file). That’s why I’d like to completely remove the animation data block. Based on this blend file Test 245.blend (61.5 KB), is there a way to remove it completely? A UI question IMO.

If you compare the datablocks of the materials, only one of them has an animation data block attached which is not pointing to an action anymore:

If it’s not removable and you also consider it a (minor) flaw, I’ll post a bug report.

Ok, we can set the visibility of those empty blocks in the NLA editor’s toolbar, so it’s not an issue in practice anymore: