Complex and Unique Drop (Music)

I’m interested in music. Electronic is really cool and most importantly fun to make (at least fun to listen to and think “wow! I made that”) I’ve already figured out one way to make a drop, that I’d like to call “Simple”. I haven’t tried it yet but basically you get your melodies & beats and beef them up and add some effects. However, some drops are not based on the melody, and this can be really cool. First example I can think of isn’t that great, but you kinda get the point that it isn’t simple… (remember to be careful with your volume XD):

Any help/tips/ideas?
CLARIFICATION EDIT: I did NOT make the song… I’m asking if anyone knows HOW to make stuff like that…

Very creative. :yes:

I could listen to that while I blend, I also downloaded it, also the download link seems broken.
(someone could lose their entire life on youtube)

Aw Gawd DX. You thought I made it? Sorry If I wasn’t Clear. I’m looking for tips to making drops like that. That song isn’t by me. Uuuugh I’m all embarrassed I feel like I took credit for his song by accident X(

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isochronic tones

Good, I was about to chew you out for the vulgarity within that song, lol. Thanks for linking me to that song though. If you want to make drops, you could use Audacity for editing sounds and use Linux Multimedia Studio or Sunvox to create the music.