Complex Biology project with lots of Camera animations :(

I am totally incompetent to the ways of blender, but i have a big idea in mind for a biology project. What I was going to do was model a cell in Blender, then have a HUD on screen that you could use to zoom around to all the different organelles. Problem is, the only thing i absolutely know how to do is model the cell. Camera animation is still a bit iffy, I don’t know how to animate it along multiple different paths depending on user mouse input (via a HUD that’s always on screen), and when i try to export anything to a runtime, it keeps crashing. I’m going to start modeling the cell now, but if i don’t figure out how to make these camera paths work, this project just won’t happen. I also need help with the runtime, like i said…
Any help would be great!

The cell model is coming along nicely, but unless i get some help with actually animating the camera and such, all I’m going to have is a really high-res picture with words typed on it… :frowning:

If you want to control the movement of the camera with user input you should ask this question in the Game engine support forum and/or do a search on walkthrough

Thanks. Is there any way to move the thread over there?