Complex border?

Hi all,

I’m trying to build a border around a complex surface, one that curves along all 3 axis. You might think of it as a seam in an article of clothing, or a girding around a mechanical part.

Anyway, I need just a thin border around the object, but the border has to be in the direction of the plane of the surface. I then want to extrude it to give it thickness.

I did a simple example to show you what I mean. As you can see, the corners aren’t right and I had to do each edge individually.

Is this making any sense, and is there a better way?


so you want to extrude a thickness to the mesh, like cloth…hmm…

well, I can see you’re using 2.4x, so I would suggest using “E” to Extrude the part, press Esc to cancel it but keep the Extrusion, and then use Alt-S to scale the object along it’s Normals. however, I think you’ll need to lock one of the axes when scaling - probably Z.

If you were using 2.5, then you could use the new Solidify modifier - Solidify exists in 2.4x, but it’s tough to control and can sometimes mess up the mesh.

anyway, hope that helps! :smiley: