Complex Dragon Logo SVG won't import

I started with a photo I reduced to a black and white bitmap in Photoshop CS3 I used Inkscape to Auto=Trace it and saved 2 SVG files (one Plain) I couldn’t get Blender to import it using the import command. I tried exporting from Inkscape in a few other formats to no avail. There are about 14,000 anchor points in the file, and yes, the background bitmap was deleted. Plain SVG = 6659 MB Inkscape SVG = 6660 MB EPS = 7407 MB Adobe Illustrator was able to import it and I saved a copy as an AI file that was 5445 MB. Illustrator also saved me a copy as .dxf that was 41,640MB Maya can’t seem to import these either. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong here? I am so lost.

are you taking files in GBytes here ?

not certain blender can handle that much

there is a limit on 32 bits system for emomry at 1.5 gygabyte now it does not mean that it wnat handle it but may be othere people can help with this /

i did have some problem importaing from inkscape even with small file

cure are path not bezier curves and this seems to complciate thins a little bor blender

sometime it’s the criss crossing of curves that seems to confuse blender that i can
remember so you may have to do some manual edit of curves to seperate them!


My bad - it was like 3 in the morning when I write that. Take all my listed file sizes and end them in KB instead of MB. Nothing is being done in Inkscape except to do a trace of the B&W bitmap, and then duiscarding the bitmap. Still no luck today. I don’t think there are any crossing points. It’s a trace of a 2D image that I’d like to extrude in Blender once I can get Blender to open it.

but where you really talking about file size in gigabyte here or not ?


How about posting your B/W image.

It should work right out of Illustrator.
I do live trace and save as SVG and the Blender import works.