Complex extrusion along curve

I’ve learned! Below is my attached blender file with the progress of a handle (for a cup) in question.

In the file you’ll see two modified bezier circles and an extruded handle. One of those circles I used as the “bevel” to extrude the handle along a ‘spinal’ curve. I got as far as changing the radius of the bevel along the spine, but I can’t deduce how to change the shape of the bevel along the curve.

At the bottom/narrow end of the handle, I’d like to keep the original shape, but by the top/wide end of the handle, I’d like it to have a wider bezier circle with the teardrop edge along the inside of the handle. (I’ve created the second profile already, it’s in the file, but I’ve no idea how to correct my extrusion so that it starts with one bevel profile and ends with the other.)

Any insight about how to do this, or possibly an entirely different way of constructing the handle, would be a massive help.

Thank you in advance, and please let me know what other information you might need in order to help!

lily cup divide and conquer handle .blend (681 KB)

Instead of using a curve for a bevel object you could create two mesh profiles and bridge them (W / Bridge Edge Loops or use the Loop Tools addon). You then use a curve to create the path and a curve modifier to loft the mesh along that curve

See attached example blend file


curve.blend (581 KB)