Complex Hair

Hi people

I’m creating a granny, and this character have a complex hair, with curlers. Like this

I don’t want dynamic simulation. But I want can control the shapes of the hair to make this forms and have a simple control to animation (bend and few more). I don’t how I can do this tipe of hair. But I want do with hair simulation (at least it is my idea).

Do you know how can I do this? some cheat?

Thanks to everyone.

can’t somebody help me? U_U

Ok, people, if nobody know some solution don’t worry. But if somebody know that this is impossible, please tell me ^^U


Hi everyone… well, I see that I don’t have luck with the problem. I have tried to make the basic form with splines. But I have the problem to made a lot of version of the same hair. I’m use a curve guide and I want know if I can collapse or something the style of the hair. But not converted the hair to splines. Thanks

Nothing is impossible. You just need to model it!

Yep, but I want use hair real, not a mesh. At the end I will use this solution, because I don’t have other option.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say what you want to do is impossible, but it would be extremely difficult to accomplish.

The first problem is modeling the hair strands. While it may be possible to “groom” a single strand to conform to the curler’s cylinder, doing so with a mass of hair strands would be a major pain. So a way to approach this might be to create three manual hair strands that wrap the cylinder, then add new strands manually using Interpolate to try & match the existing hair shaping. Obviously you can’t add thousands of hairs this way, to make it dense enough to look fairly natural, so you’ll have to use children particles to fill out the mass of hair. Here you’ll run into more shaping issues, as child particles are very difficult to manage in terms of specific shaping, such as laying mostly flat on the curler.

When it comes to animation, the strands themselves cannot be keyframed afaik, so they’ll have to be treated as pretty much static, since using any kind of Hair Dynamics & collision will likely make then go a bit berserk, there’s just not enough fine control in those systems yet. So to animate the curlers and hair, you’ll probably have to animate the emitter mesh, and make the curler follow this via parenting or a constraint. While this would provide some options for keyed motion, I’m not sure if it would be the kind of motion you want. In any case, the curlers/hair combination will need to be treated as a kind of rigid mesh, since any change to the shape of the emitter or the curler will cause the hair to look misplaced. The hair can’t be made to follow such motion.

Maybe the best option would be to use a combination of mesh modeling and a limited hair system that acts only to add a thin layer of strands to dress up the look. But the limitations on animating the hair strands would still apply.

I’m curious how some of the studios set this up. I’ve been watching How to Train Your Dragon with my kids a lot lately.
I’m wondering if a lot of those braids are actual hair simulations, or something more like a Softbody mesh with some sort of Volumetric Strand Shader.
How do they do that? It seems like it would be a huge waste to do those braids, or DcVertice’s curls with a full hair simuliation when you really just want the hairs to follow a shape. Every time I watch Dragons I get all twisted up trying to figure this out.

I think this sort of thing is much more likely, since the hair is intended to act like a defined-volume mass rather than a free-moving mass of individual strands.

Some method of defining hair on the basis of a mesh volume would be extremely useful, since hair is not always loosely bound.

Thanks chipmasque

I have seen that we don’t have any way to make this… Well, only one, but it’s very complicate. I can make a basic shape for one curler with curve guides, make a effect group and repeat the process a lot of times with all the hair. But it’s not useful and every animation will be a fight with this system.

I think that I only need a new feature to make this hair. A “collapse” of the curve guide in the hair will be useful, but with this I cannot solve the problem of the “fake animation” with something like a box deformable I could have done it.

In Pixar I think that use a mesh base system. For example, in the web page have a example of a mesh for the hair and their system create strands using the mesh.

Combing with Blender is beyond my abilities from my few tests with the hair particles i always ended in nothing looking like any natural haircuts, so i can’t really offer any help regarding something that complex with the particle mode tools, but maybe with some trick to get around that problem.

By example, you generate some hair particles from a plane , convert them to a mesh
Then you add a curve and edit it for your needs.

And finally add a curve modifier to the hair model

a quick render with the hair edge extruded at 0.01 (or it would not render anything as convert hair into a mesh are only vertices linked together with edges)

Maybe experimenting around this idea could help in building that kind of haircuts if you don’t want to use a modelling workaround

It looks like i’m approaching to a result by using this convert to mesh -> subdivide a bit -> 0.01 extrude -> make a curve -> add curve modifier to the mesh -> follow curve modifier trick :

Here’s an example .blend so hopefully someone more knowledgable with particles and curves can come with something much better and accurate than my tinkerings to make this kind of hair based on hair particles.

I think your approach but using fewer strands combined with a traditional mesh to create the main volume of the hair is something to look into. The converted strands could provide the surface look, but fewer strands would be easier to manage in an animation scenario.

Well, a mesh of thousand of strands is not a good way. At least it’s my opinion. I have proved this solution, And I have could make the hair, but I don’t like the hair… in the concept are better…

Well, you can see this.