Complex Interior Scene - Baking light help

Hi guys,

at the office where I work there is a project that must be rendered and just for fun I tried Cycles.

As it is an interior scene the result was really slow and noisy so I choose to fake (badly) a very simplified GI.

This is the result with a standard sun+portals with Path Tracing (Branched Path unusable: crashing if using too many samples in the setup)

And this is the final image with “faked GI”, done with Branched Path Tracing, all the light are sampled just once and the results are way cleaner and faster than regular Path Tracing (140 sec with 2xgtx760).

NB: UV mapping is crap, and I think I will not correct it because all the geometry is imported and messy.

And that is my sampling setup

So this is very different from a GI and then I discovered that lights can be baked into a map but I haven’t found a proper tutorial and or how to. And what troubles me more is a doubt: can I do it in an interior like this?

Any advice on how to have better results is really welcome, and links to good tutorial explaining how to bake shadows will be great!

Thanky and Merry Christmas!