Complex Mechanical Rig

Hi people,
I would like to rig something like shown in attached images.
Could someone suggest me some approach?

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Your best bet would be constraint, i think

Yes, the constrains… but if you see the object selected… how rig this stuff with two pivot, that is also a secondary rig (like a complex type of piston…)?!

1 Like 2:42 i think this is what you’re looking for

Always use an Armature and an IK constraint for pistons/cylinders…

Cheers, Clock.

error0001-0902.mkv (3.2 MB)
could tell me if this is the right behvior of IK?! When I follow some tutorials I notice that the first bone (the one with the IK contraint) can share the same position of the “target bone” the one that in edit mode is “parent cleared”. On my blender it’s happen what you can see in the video attached.
Thanks for support.

Errrrrrrr… No! I don’t know which videos you watched but they are not the way to rig a cylinder!

OK, some pictures:

This is a correct cylinder rig. It comprises four bones, The Stroke bone, this keeps everything in line and MUST have its IK properties in the Bone section set thus:

You can see IK Stretch is set to 1.

The Cylinder and Piston bones are parented to this and MUST NOT inherit scale:

The fourth bone is the Target bone, this is not connected to the others, or parented to the others. Normally it would be parented to a Root bone, or the bone that controls the object the cylinder is operating. The Stroke bone would be parented to the base object that the cylinder reacts against.

The objects are “Bone” parented to the appropriate bones and to operate simply move the Target bone.

Blend File : cylinder.blend (769.5 KB)

Enjoy! feel free to ask any questions.

Cheers, Clock.

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