COMPLEX Problem with Vertex Mass messing everything up!

Hi I’m simply trying to make a pillow but having big problems replicating results of for example blender gurus part 2 couch seriers tutorial. The biggest difference seems to be that my vertex mass is by default sett to 0, when I try to change it to 0,3 kg my pressure needs to be in the hundreds to even barley show… very far of from the turoial. I did try to do a simple test on blender 2.9 (without my setting) and it was 0.3 by default and everything worked gloriously!!!

So my conclusion so far is that I have some setting that affects the vertex mass and pressure calculations when performing the cloth simulation.

when I model I am carefull to have quads everywhere then I CTRL - A the scale, then I add Subsurf then I go into cloth sim.

PLS HELP!! cant find what setting or what is wrong with my blender!

PS: total noob here

Anybody know why my vertex mass in cloth simulaton is set to 0 by default when every tutorial have it on 0.3 kg - which gives them the correct result with a pressure of 5. When I sett it to 0,3 and then the pressure manually nothing happens (I’m gussing the vertexes are to heavy). My best guess atm is that I have some wierd setting in my blender messing it up…

It’s because of your scene scale, the smaller the unit, the smaller the physics are and decimals go to far. you have to set up your scene scale to 1