Complex problem

I am trying to model brass knuckles and can’t figure out how to make the middles hollow. I thought using a circle or cylinder would be a fix but it looks awful. Any way I can hollow out the middles? Here is a video of it.

Boolean to cut out holes, then manually clean up. Use low res meshes to get a cleaner mesh, add edge loops around the holes and edges to get a cleaner edge when subsurfed
Or use Curves then convert to a mesh, manually cleanup, then add edge loops etc

easy and fast to do with curves !


I need to play with curves. I think what I was trying to do earlier where I needed proper point order might be easier done with curves. This brass knuckle objects is something I would have built with my old point trick… maybe that’s too old school now.

I haven’t gotten that far of learning, is there a tutorial on this?

I put a cylinder through it and selected it and then the brass knuckle and clicked W and selected Add Difference Modifier and now it’s like frozen, the cylinder is stuck inside of it.

As RickyBlender suggests, I think it curves would be a quite decent way of doing this (It will give rather messy topology if you need to convert it to mesh though, but so will using a boolean modifier).

I quickly put this together to show approximately how I would do it. I know the proportions are off as I didn’t use a reference image as background, but it should give you the general idea.


Morio, is that bezier curvers or NURBS? I am guessing you did all of them under the same object?

It’s bezier curves, and yes they all need to be part of the same object

I go with free hand modeling; you just extrude vertexes and edges to make the face. Here I played out the half under Subsurface Modifier that smooths the edges. Line up subsurfaced edges over the background image then mirror the other side:

No matter what method you use to make the base profile, you need edge loop around it. In my case I just extruded profile all around:

With edge loop, the final extrusion will give you smooth and round form:

It’s not working for me, I don’t think I am experienced enough to get it. I did bezier curves for the circles but don’t know how to do the next step in extruding and making a hole in it.

just add another circle inside the first circle!

see noob to pro tut on curves

or find some video intro tut on curves!


So the whole model is under the same object and all I have to do is extrude and it’s done?

before extrude you have to convert to mesh then you’ll be able to extrude in 3D!

but before youe xtrude you shold recheck the mesh and do some modification to make it better
may be


If i had teh .blend i’d do it 4 u…

This is the blend, I’d really like to learn how to do it, just need step by step for it.


brassknuckle.blend (320 KB)

So what’s the problem? You’ve already done it once. The right one doesn’t have holes in it because those two curves are separate. Join Curve to Curve.001 by selecting them in that order and hit ctrl+J.

JA12, thank you so much, that worked beautifully!
By the way I am just learning curves, I know a bunch of other stuff, but this joining and making holes stuff is new to me. Thanks for everyone being so patient.