Complex scene crashes on render (svn)

Hey guys,

I’m running a quite recent svn build of blender, and am working on a furry character. The problem is that the amount of memory necessary increases when I increase the fur count. (yes, I am using strand render, but it still takes a lot of ram)

The problem is that when Blender goes past approximately 4 gigs of memory, it crashes. I’m running 64 bit fedora with 8 gigs of ram, and I’ve been monitoring my system memory to ensure that enough would be available for the render. My initial reaction was that I could possibly be using a 32 bit build (even though I compiled it myself?) but I don’t have all of the libraries necessary to even do that.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance guys.

Maybe increasing X and Y parts in render panels will help. If strands are converted to polygons only for one part, this should help.