Complicated Blender? 1) Hiding Lights. 2) Moving Parented Objects to other Group. 3) Xray Mode

Hello. Me and a friend switching from 20 years using 3Dsmax to Blender. We noticed a few “important” things, that are “oneclick” soultions in other programs are fairly complicated in Blender.

  1. Switch off all lights or all Cameras in viewport. To have a more “clean” view on the objects. In other programs its one click.
    In Blender it is fairly complicated. You could build Collections for the lights but that could be interefering with the general order of collections you want to have.

  2. Move “Group”/Tree of Objects from one Collection to the other.
    In every Other Programm: Just pick the parent move it and the children will follow. (also in Photoshop or Explorer, why would you move a Folder without its content?)
    In Blender I have to do Shift+G->“Children” CTRL+Select Parent again and then Move.
    Also the selection process for “children and parent” could be more simple. For example: doubleclick Parent = Parent and all Child Selected

  3. Selecting Faces. You always have to switch between XRAY mode on/off. Thats alot of unnecessary clicks.

(Forgot to mention, that we are overall happy with switching. :slight_smile: Just some parts, that seem “overcomplicated”)




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2: You can do it in the outliner easily - right click ‘slect hierarchy’ then you can press ‘m’ to move to another/new collection.

Not sure if there’s an easy way to do similar in the viewport. If you need to find your object in the hierarchy easily, press Numpad + “.”

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As for 3, I’m not sure how else you’d select rear faces, or decide you don’t want to?

Coming from Maya, I understand what you mean. I recommand you to try this add-on (it’s free) :

I cannot use blender without it.