Complicated faces in uv map and cycles

Hello Everyone,

I made two objects. I cant make uv mapping well.
My objects have many faces. This is problem maybe.
I try to put wood texture to them.
It looks very bad.
I added my objects pictures in render, solid and edit mode.

How can I show them well in uv map?
How can I create those objects smart way?

note;I have used array modification for object 1. Both cycles render.

Thank you for help :slight_smile:

Your UV map looks stretched in places and does not look like the pieces are stitched. Have you stitched your UV islands together? I suggest using a uv test grid on your model to check for stretching and manually stitch pieces together like a puzzle. When your grid looks even and nondistorted, load in your texture.

If you wouldn’t mind, could I take a peek at your file?

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i m new user and i cant upload attachment :frowning: . forum dosent allow me to send my blender file unfortunately

i didnt stitch uv islands together. i will try your suggests. thank you

Your mesh density is pretty high on the one object, you could use a lot less with a subdivison modifier. Be that as it may, you could also square your view to the object and unwrap>project from view for a quick and dirty solution

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thank you, unwrap from wiev fixed the problem. its easy way :slight_smile: