complicated model and how to

here is a complicated model that i want to do with good resolution but not to high anyway!

see pic of model
any ideas to help model it - what would be the best tools to use for this model?

the face plate has 4 patterns so this can be done with spin dupli
but threre are the fins that makes it more cimplicated ect …


It’s already a CG model - nice. They may have imported from CAD.

Yes, lots of spin. Specifically, start with the smaller fins and spin those, then apply. Then delete down to where you have a repeated big change… so that you only have one instance of that area with all the accompanying small fins. Make the bigger change and run spin again. You will need to do this at least three times for this model; there is the small fins, a spin of three (screws near this end), a spin of four (edge squares at this end) and then one of six.

it is certain that it is on CAD but irrelevant for me!

i’m trying it because it is a model with some challenges
it’s the quarter face plate part that is challenging like crazy!
there are 3D curves there and some parts of the fins are not following that curve they are more rectangular
so that’s where the problem is

  • in reality the basic face shape is easy with spin but how to get the fin in the right place
    and do i do a single mesh or simply retopo the base of the fins on the faceplate?
    it’s a crazy model with 3 D curves and not so easy to do in one shot
    it requries some thinking before doing it and may be some good ideas here on the forum!


the base faceplate has an agle to it but not the fins
see pic
i did a fin the same shape than the face plate outer boundarie
so this is a beginning but how to join them to main face?
one thing os that when you spin you don’t need to spin the whole set of verticies you can spin a subset of it
and still do the spin - that may be usefull!


I would spin a few copies of the fin and then Fill between them to create the lower surface of the face.

yap i can use spin dupli for the fins and teh continue with spin for the back face i think it should work to make the back face under the fins

but this model is going to be with a minimum of around 5 000 verticies
i know there is a lot of details in it and that’s the cost
it’s gone a take a few days before i can think of all the features
front and back faces plus the body which is not entirely symetrical
but again several spin will do it
it’s a challenging model with lots of small details


It has enough repetitive elements to optimize and speed up your work.
Most important is to have a good references (technical drawings will be the best option).
And don’t forget - modeling is 90% thinking and 10% working :slight_smile:

i began this morning the facepalte

and here is the beginning o f the model
it was more difficult to put the bolts hole in the face but it looks not too bad!
i’ll try to finish this this weekend
but i don’t ahve the eact dimensions only an isometric pic of it !

here a faceplate approximativve of the real thing

now i got do the rest of the body!

Looking good, keep going!

this should continue inot the WIP

so check it out tomorrow i’ll put more pick it becoming advanced now and not bad
for a frist trial