Compliment and suggestion from new user

As I progress I am more and more amazed at what Blender can accomplish.
It’s development has caused me one problem. A problem of excesses. There are so many tutorials and hints available, I find myself studying one only to find out it does not work the same way in 2.82.
I know it would be a fairly complex undertaking, but it sure would help if there was a master list (official) of tutorials, etc., that are for the latest release. I realize that a great many people have developed these aids but the plethora of ones that are no longer correct makes learning difficult.

There are a bunch on the blender youtube channel and there are good ones in the Blender cloud:

Don’t know if this will help, but I have found the same thing, you really have to sift (and get good at sifting through) tutorials to find what your looking for. The upside though is that occasionally you can find a real gem on youtube that may not be noticed by anyone.

Imo, it s not a question of where to search but what I ve to understand. Whatever software you are using , underneath, always the same old rules. What is a normal? What is a vector? Why is there 256 values in an 8 bit channel? Why is more interesting to map a displacement map on more than 256 values? Etc…
Software are just overlays of that rules…
Learn it before. You ll feel comfortable with everything after.

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Best approach is: only watch/read tutorials for 2.80 or later. The changes between 2.80 and 2.82 are minimal from a UI POV.

I recently got stuck on tutorial hell, where I would not be able to finish something if it wasn’t on a tutorial, so I started changing approaches and doing projects, and when I hit a wall, research how I can get past it. That way I can maximize the learning experience, as well as doing more things!

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