Composer looking for film to score!


My name is Curtis Schweitzer, and I’m an independent composer looking for projects on which to collaborate. My experience is primarily in the orchestral vein, but I’ve also worked in the electronic and jazz genres. I’ve been poking about here and noticed some really high quality stuff, and I’d love to offer to score anything. Right now I’m looking primarily for exposure, so my price (free!) is, I hope, appealing.

You can listen to samples of my work at my website:

I’ve noticed a couple of posts here about royalty-free music, so I thought this might be relevant. Additionally, since I mostly looking for connections, I’m of course willing to collaborate on projects at no charge as well.

If you’d like to contact me, you can PM me here, or feel free to email me at [email protected]

Based on what I’ve seen here, I’d really like to work with some of the fantastic artists on this site.

Curtis Schweitzer

@CsSchweitzer: Hey, thanks man. Glad to hear from you again.
I listened to a lot of the songs on your site. They were all very good. But, my fave was your Ambient stuff (and Tunguska was AWESOME! too) I was wondering if you might consider doing some more ambient stuff. Maybe I could send you some four or five-minute chunks of footage after it’s been edited, and you could watch it and see if anything stirs up. It will be a while, though. I still haven’t finished modelling all my spaceships, and I’m just starting to animate the scene now. There’s a lot of ships to get moving. But, the first episode will mostly be focused on a big space battle.
Still, while listening to your ambient stuff, the shots just kept playing in my head. I don’t think you would find it difficult at all to write something for this stuff.