Composer Looking For Projects

I’m a composer, and I want to find some projects to practice my composition on. If you’re making a movie, game, or animation that you need music for, I’d love to give it a shot. So far, I’ve made music for my computer games and some school projects. I’ve also written songs for school plays, most of which I played live.

You can see some of my music at my website:

I’m willing to compose for any project for free (so I can get the practice). If you don’t like the results you have no obligation to use them, or you can ask me to try again. I can do a variety of styles and instrumentations. Just give me what you’ve made and tell me what kind of music your looking for.


Good music! I wish I had a use for the offer right now. Thanks.

I love A Tint of Blue!

Ah man I wish I had something ready to be scored. If your still oooking in a couple of months I’ll definitly let you know.
Your good man.

Hi lzr, first i want to say that i really like your music. It’s great!

I have a film project ongoing and there you can compose some great music.
It is a 10 minutes short film about war and the importance of friendshiep and peace…
It is an non commercial-project and full CGI. The page is in english too.

If you are interested please sent me a message.


Thanks for all the comments on my music. Maul, I’m always looking so just talk to me when you need something. DingTo, I’d love to do your project. As soon as your ready for me to compose something, send me a PM and I’ll take a shot.

hey nice music ! you have talent
I like the flutsey one too :slight_smile: sweet playing and clean recording :wink:
I have my pc connected to my stereo and it sounded great through B&W monitors

btw it seems to me blender movies should be open to various composers
perhaps Ton will consider applications from someone like yourself for future projects

lzr: sent you a pm

Well, I finished the music to Harkyman’s movie, and I’m open to new projects again. BTW, I don’t just do jazz. Here is an example of one of my orchestral songs: .

Here is an example of one of my orchestral songs: .

That’s some awsome sound quality. Is that synthesized or live instruments? If you wouldn’t mind, could you tell me how you got that good of sound?

As a musician/composer myself, I recommend this composer to anybody looking through this thread. He knows what he’s doing.

You all can’t here it yet (wait until August), but I can tell you that lzr will do a fantastic job for you. His track he composed and laid down for my animation is sooooo good.

Will you make me a cool island-style song for Tortuga Island? I also need a creepy song for the Cave of despair.

Thanks again for the compliments, guys. I’m going to try to do as many projects as I can especially now that I have summer vacation. KJ3D, that’s all synthesized. I used Logic Studio and all its built in orchestral sounds plus the sculpture synth for the marimba sounds. It’s a pretty incredible package, you get everything Apple has to offer for only $500. You can also use it to record real instruments with some mics and an audio interface.

Killer, I’m interested in your projects I’ll PM you about them.

I’m finished with another huge project (I composed a musical for our drama department) and I could use some new inspiration if anyone has any projects in need of music.

Here’s some video game music I did for some people, if you want to see more examples of my recent work:
old post, just go to

wow, I love your work! im busy working on an animation at the moment, still a couple of months away (its a HUGE project, basically 20 minutes or so of original stand up comedy woven into a story), but when its done, ill send you a pm, if you interested

lzr, Hey… some nice things there.

I’m working on a short short as an experiment (for my portfolio). It’ll be a big gorilla robot throwing a bunch of stuff around. I was thinking of doing music myself, but if you happen to be looking for a small project…

This is the main character (still very much a work in progress). I’m hoping to finish the model this week and do the animation over the next month.

Look at my websites (linked in my profile here), for a few of my other projects.

As I write this comment, I’ve only just begun to listen to your music, and already I’d say you’re way too good to work for free.

However, I’ve been learning about Blender for a while, and have made significant progress building the basic elements of 3D platforming. If this all leads to an official game, maybe I’ll let you know.

Beautiful stuff! We usually buy our music off of and I agree that your stuff’s good enough that you ought to get some money for it. If you have any music on an online market like this, I’d love to review it and consider it for our games.

Although my apologies to people if this means they don’t get freebies :wink:

Hey, thanks for the thread resurrection, GHArtist. I’m still doing a lot of freebies, and I do pretty much take every project people ask me about. Sadly, very few of these projects actually come to fruition. On the subject of emolument, my general policy is that if you don’t plan on making any money, then I don’t plan on charging anything. If the project has a budget or makes a profit, then it’s only fair to give me a cut of the proceeds. Thanks for all the kind words!