Composer looking for projects

I’m a composer looking for projects
I can’t post an url but my homepage is:
I’m easy to work with and do my best to make the music as you want it.
Kind regards

If you would like my project New Terra could always use another person. It is not specifically a BGE project but it still uses blender for other aspects. You can view all the details on the New Terra thread if you like.

If you’re interested, my FPS is in desperate need of both title music and general music (like in Call Of Duty etc)
Check my signature! :slight_smile:

I’m interested in getting some input from someone who knows about music.
I’m planning on designing a custom music script for my game (all blender, running in non-glsl mode and using the Burster web plug-in for maximum exposure). The idea being that there will be different layers of music which build up depending on your location in the game (proximity to certain triggers) and level of action. Music is my blind spot though, I’m almost tone deaf I’m sure.
The script should be not too difficult, but the music design has to be just right for it to work.

I think Dynamic music is the future of music… But someone has do the groundwork.

Hahahaha. This environment sounds really good. *no pun intended

How much do you charge?

Yes, I’m interested, you got pm.

It depends on the budget.
There are many options available. buy out, different license types.
If it is a non profit project I can work for free as well as others do.

Best of luck buddy…!!!

Thanks a lot!