Composer looking to collaborate with animator/artist/game designer...flexible


I am a contemporary composer for acoustic instruments from the UK just about to begin a masters in composition. I was wondering if there were any artists/animators/game designers that would be interested in collaborating with me? I am flexible and I’m happy to work around the kind of thing you want or would be happy to come up with an overall concept with you - whichever makes you feel more comfortable.I can imagine that my work would best complement an animation or film that’s quite tense but I am equally able to make more melodious music. As I say…I am happy to write music to fit your aims.

I am happy to work with people outside of the uk but our communication might have to be via email.

If you are interested, let me know!

look forward to hearing from you!!

My name is Mike Marsh and I’m with a group of 3d artists that have started a project of animating the Bible. and I see a need for music in our finished outcome. Would you be interested in something like this? We have a forum and there are about 18 of us so far. We dont plan to start full production for about 9 months or so. Right now we are just in the organizing stage, trying to get all the pieces together.

Would you be interested in composing for a live action short film by any chance?

I’m actually a Christian so this sounds really interesting… how will it work? I don’t know if I’ll have time to do the WHOLE bible (that would be a LOT of music!) but I’d definitely be interested in doing some. Do you have an idea of the kind of music you are wanting?

This definitely sounds like something I would be interested in…do you have an idea in your mind about the kind of music you might want?

Anyone else?!?!

I have been working on a first person shooter for some time and am in need of a soundtrack. If you want to help, we could use your help. We were thinking of having a darker and more mysterious sounding soundtrack, so if that sounds like something youd like to tackle, pm me please.

Hello. My Name is Thomas. I’m in charge of production for an independent feature. It’s a sci-fi drama with heavy action elements and are looking to have approximately 65 minutes worth of original music composed. If you’re interested, please send me a private message and we can talk about details. We also have a trailer to help give you a sense of what we’re doing.

In addition, we’re willing to compensate for your work if we like your style and adaptability.