Composer/Producer volunteering for working on SoundTracks either Games or Movies:

Hello all, my name is João Moreira and I hail from Portugal. I’ve got a degree on Sound Engineering, Production and Musical Composition and I’m looking for some talented folks that already have something done and are in need of Music and Sound so I can tackle that part and build up my Portfolio.

Soundtracks are something I just love to do.

I got all the gear you might need can even record voices (I worked doing voices for cartoons for a while) and all my musical formation has been on Singing and Guitar so I do a very decent job at singing.

If anyone with a project they believe in might be interested say something.

Will be awaiting some propositions.


Great to know of a music composer willing to assist the blender community! :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to pm you whenever I need music for my game.:yes:

Of course I am ready to assist! Been loving Blender since day one not a very talented modeler but I too battled my way into modelling some stuff so I could see the true potential of this awesome Open Source Software.
So if you have an interesting project and you need any Musical Composition, Sound FX, Mixing or Mastering, well I’m your guy lol
Will be awaiting that PM!