(Kisho) #1

Hellow I’m very new here.
I have made a very short composited movie.
Please give me some advise to make this movie more cool.

(BgDM) #2

Nice work! :slight_smile:

the problem though is that the plane seems to just drop straight down in the begining and then starts to fly under the bridge. It is like it is hovering and then just drops. Make it look like it is flying more in the beginning and this eill be great.

The ending where it flies under the bridge is perfect. Maybe alittle slow, but that is it.


(Kisho) #3

Thanx for the advise :slight_smile: I eill work on it.

Sorry. It seems to be this movie can be seen only by saving it by using the right click.Can be see through here

(bmax) #4

where do you live? i stuttgart, germany by any chance? the river looks familiar…

(Kisho) #5

Realy!? It’s Tamariver in Tokyo,Japan! can’t belive it!