Composite alpha-over faster?

I’m compositing video and my setup is pretty simple. I’m mostly just using alpha to combine animation frames with still images. So I figure it should be pretty fast to render the composites, but it’s not as fast as I’d like. I’m rendering on an Apple MacBook Air with the new M1 chip, do I need different hardware? Are there any settings I can use to make it run faster?

The new compositor should run in realtime on all platforms, see thread

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@Hadriscus do you know where the latest available build with this feature can be found? I followed the links and doesn’t seem to have any. I also downloaded the 3.5.0 alpha build and I don’t see this in the Blender experimental preferences.

Also, I can see in the demos that the 3D view renders in real-time, but does this mean the image output also renders faster?

I’ll be excited to see this land in the official build. For now, I’m doing my compositing in DaVinci Resolve so I can take advantage of other features specific to video and sound editing.