Composite animation test

I’ve been hooked on “special effects” lately (mixing CG with real-life footage), and here’s a little test I whipped together to test a concept:
(click to open movie, about 800KB)
(or youtube.)

Pardon the crappy “spider” (if one is allowed to call a squashed sphere and eight cylinders that).

It’s all based on one single photograph of our dining room table - no video. A little more realistic camera shake and a bit of sound would probably go a long way, but that’ll have to wait for the next one (which I’m hoping to base a small tutorial on).

it’s better than I can do great job :slight_smile:

(long drawn out, amazed) Ni…ce…

Only thing is that the green guy has little or no shadow.

Yes, the shadows (AO only, actually, as there were no particularly bright light sources around at the time) looked darker prior to adding the table texture. A lesson for next time. :slight_smile:

Hmm, perhaps baking the AO onto the creature and just using a regular soft shadow on the table will work.