Composite bursting object into a movieclip

Hi guys,

i’m trying to composite a bursting object into a video. Therefore i motion tracked the video, and fractured a cube, using the fracture tools-addon. Now i want to composite this object into the scene, make it look realistic.

The material color isn’t as good till now and also the lightning could be changed, but that’s not the problem i have.
The problem is, that i of course don’t want to have this square around the several fragments. So what i did is set a plane where the side of my cube ends, to make sure that only the fragments are rendered. This is what i got:

But now it looks really akward and unrealsitic, the black, deep cracks you can see in the first image are of course behind the plane and therefore not there. I want the “free space” where those fragments were, before they went out of the wall, too be black, like in the 1st picture instead of transparent, with the videoclip showing up behind there. Of course this is because my plane hides everything behind it, but i haven’t got an idea how to set this up instead, beeing kinda new to blender.

Hopefully you guys have got some ideas/advices for me to make this look better :slight_smile:

greetz Sphere :wink:

You could model a hollow box behind the fractured surface or add a shadow plane. That is a plane with a shadow only material. Also you could map the actual wall surface from the video onto your 3D model to make it a bit more real.