Composite Images

Is there a way to use an image as the backdrop in a render, or do you have to do it external to Blender?

Is this what HDRI is? Or is that solely for a sky map to generate the lighting?

There are many ways.
the best way is to add a plane behind your object and a your picture as a texture.
As is done here.

For modelling you can assign a background to your workspace but I don’t think it renders along. Never tried it :]

HDRI uses the picture for lighting (when rendered with yafray) and can also render the image used as the background, but this doesn’t usually give good results with perspective. You can switch it off. Or render to PNG so you won’t have the background.

Render buttons -> Output Panel -> 2nd path entry area allows you to enter a background image. The backbuf button below turns it on/off.


Wow! Thanks with thouse two links it is so easy!

It would be even nicer if you could see the backbuff in the preview/camera window. I know you can get close by using a plane using the AVI as a brush, but I think that’s needlessly complex. Especially when you get in to match-moves.

You can see it in Camera View if you Add it there.


I can’t find anything that looks like “view backbuffer”.

Do you mean load it in separately as view>background image? I suppose that would work, but seems needlessly complicated.

Not to mention, if you need to line things up precisely, the chances of you getting backbuff and the bacground lined up to the pixel are remote.

Where is that render button ?:confused:

If i press F10 i get two panels one Render and the then one render Layer panel

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the render button is f12