Composite in Blender or elsewhere?

Totally new to Blender and trying to figure out my workflow for an upcoming short film.

Originally I was just going to create some models and then export them to OBJ for compositing in After Effects (or perhaps Blackmagic Fusion). However I’m getting into some more complex models (such as this one: and they aren’t translating to OBJ.

This has led me to wonder if I should try creating my whole film in Blender. Obviously this would put me at a disadvantage because I’d have to re-learn a lot that I already know from AE/Fusion. I’m also getting the sense that final render time would be much longer. And I’m sure there’s more unknowns that I haven’t considered.

Any advice? Is Blender a good choice for final compositing, lighting and camera movement, especially for someone less experienced?

(The film is a 2-minute short, set in space, with a meteor as the main character. Other models include planets, nebulas, etc.)