Composite Node Offset issue

Im having a small issue with a an Image Sequence Input nodes offset setting.

If Im understanding the Offset correctly Im tyring to set it -100 frames (there by, again assuming my understanding is correct, causing that image sequence to begin 100 frames LATER than it normally would.)

Well when I do the offset that whole image sequence seems to just…stop…get corrupted. itll no longer update on frame change and when I move past my fade wipe to its “new beginning” frame theres nothign there but black. In fact if I scrub back to frame 1 of the whole composite (with frame 1 having a non offset WORKING image sequence) and hit animate, I get nothign but black.

Is the offset causing a corruption or am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: Sorry, using 2.47

[edit]Be warned that this is a hack of sorts. There appear to be other underlying problems with using image sequences in the node editor. This method works for rendering the composite, but sometimes breaks the previews.[/edit] If you want it to start on frame 100, set SFra to 99 and Offset to -1. The -1 ensures that it’s off before then. If you use SFra 100 and Offset 0, the first frame of the sequence will be used until the 100th frame of the scene.

So youre saying the image sequence node itself is the issue.

AH! Koryo my friend. Thank you so much. Your advice helped tremendously!!!