Composite nodes and Crashing

Does any one know why composite nodes cause Blender to crash so often, or is this just due to my lack of experience with the noodles? I now have to save my work after every second or third step to negate the urge to throw my computer out the window.

they work fine here*.

*here being WinXP, 2.42a, python 2.4, nvidia geforce6

If you’re using Windows, try the latest CVS build from here :

( ** Note from JMS (the builder) Download on is no more compatible with Internet Explorer 6.xx . Use Mozilla, Firefox, flashget or others tools to download .)

There have been a number of fixes/mods to the nodes in the last month.

If you can generate a repeatable crash with the latests CVS or even with 2.42a (presumably the version you are using ?), post the blend file to the bug tracker and there’s a good chance that it could be fixed quickly.