Composite Nodes-correct blending modes for each render pass

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I’m tryin to figure out how to put together all render passes so that I can get the final composite that is identical to the plain combined render.

I guess I should start with “colour” and mix it with “difuse”, although none of the blending modes seems to work for me. Later, I should probably mix in “Specular” using “screen” mode and “reflection” using the “Add” mode. I’m pretty much clueless about the rest.

Does anyone have more experience with the subject?

Thank you

Check out . I made a small test on my plane. If I recall correctly, you need to multiply shadows in.

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I suggest you take a look into the documentation on the wiki:

and there is also information in the release log at

If I recall correctly, you need to multiply shadows in.

Yes, this is generally the case for any passes that need to darken parts of the render like AO or shadow. Think of multiplying by a black (zero) pixel.

For passes that brighten pixels, like specularity, screen blending is often desirable. It’s better than adding because the technique prevents blowing out already bright parts of the image. IIRC screen blending inverts the foreground image, multiplies by the background, then adds the uninverted foreground on top.

Thank you t3d, you’re a star. It’s still a bit of mystery to me how I could miss these two obvious links in my research